Bug in Topic Unread while reply in topic

Hi Team,
Good Evening
I am Using Discourse API and in Topic List Unread count not displaying in some topic may be in some time. so can you please help for displaying unread reply in specific topic List. can you please help me out ?

I’m not sure I understand your question (and note that I moved this to #dev because it sounds more like a question than a bug). Can you provide maybe screenshots of the issue you are seeing? Or describe the issue differently, if possible.

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It would also be helpful if you could provide the API call you are making.

Suppose I have two Account X and Y

Now i am replying from Account A and get latest Api Call in Account Y in Topic List. but count is not displaying in some topic and some topic not displaying.

For Ex., can you please check in below screen ?
for Better Understandind For the topic “Final Build” count is displaying and topic "How are you " count is not displaying