Bug: newline symbol in message

The NL symbol, U+2424, is supposed to appear in text as the two small letters N and L, just as it appears in a Unicode chart. But instead you show it as an actual new line, like this:
(This shows as beginning a new line, but it should look like these others in the same category: ␠ ␡ ␢ ␣. Only U+000A should actually start a new line.

Testing … ␤ maybe there is a bug in nokogiri…

Seems to work just fine here

Testing .... ␤ maybe there is a bug in nokogiri...
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I am not sure what exactly is being reporting here? Are you saying email versions of the posts, as delivered through email notifications, have this?

No, the messages as shown online.


Yes I can repro this, the workaround for now is to use ␤ instead.

@Vitaly this appears to happen in https://markdown-it.github.io , do you know if this is on purpose in the engine? It does not happen in dingus: commonmark.js demo