Bug with bad matching of email in users in one of the last versions?


using ~this week’s builds, I’m having an odd issue. I have a user mailing sales at ourcompany.com, I see a staged account for them, the Raw message shows From perfectly fine, but the mail shows attributed to a completely unrelated user, creating great confusion.

Were there any changes in the From -> User mapping? And if not, how is an incoming mail mapped to a user?

Update: even mails from me will be attributed to that particular random user. Mails from before I updated were fine, so it’s going to be in a change from the last 24-48 hours.


There were some recent changes in email handling which might have introduced a bug for some kind of weird emails. Can you send @vinothkannans and me a PM with the raw email that got mapped to the wrong user?


Been talking to @zogstrip already; basically all incoming mail maps to the first entry of the email_logs table. (All of them have bounce_key set to null, it seems to find the first entry in that table with an empty bounce key)


Ah, I know where I have to look for this issue. Let me check and update here soon.


This is fixed as per commit


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