Import: incorrect user assignment

On importing mbox files, originally from a mailing list, I see that about 3500, out of 66000, are being incorrectly assigned to a user.

Here is the first, and two other, lines from the header:

From Fri Dec 12 12:55:30 2014
From: “Dag Smith” ( via csgnet Mailing List)
X-Original-From: Dag Smith

Is the import script only using the first line, as that is the email that is being used for the user rather than the correct one,

It should really be using “X-Original-From”, do we have any control over that?

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Any suggestions for this? Help! :woozy_face:

Neither Original-From nor X-Original-From are currently supported by the import script.

You could modify the import script (feel free to create a pull request) or use some regex magic on your source files to remove the From: header and rename the X-Original-From: header to From:

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Thanks, I filtered all the files removing the incorrect email in the “From:” line.