Bug with Russian language

should be new (2) new and (3) - русский язык Новые (3)

I propose to make another automatic change of language, depending on the user’s region

Translation probably doesn’t exist in Transifex ( https://www.transifex.com/projects/p/discourse-org/ )

there is a translation, just this bug occurs when the number 1 menyaetsya 2 and so on

I visit these positions and when 1
bug disappears

where there is an error

I cannot find the numbers ({{count}})
I know that a mistake somewhere in the code when it counts count

zeros should not be, in the English version they are not

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There is a missing many for ru.js.replies_lowercase, likes_lowercase, users_lowercase. Everything else has the full set of one/few/many/other.

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Those are just missing translations on Transifex. Feel free to contribute to the Russian translations :wink:

All the other problems mentioned above are already fixed, so I’m closing this topic.


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