Russian localization missing key

Why do I see this on my forum? First I thought this button don’t have a translation yet, so I head over here and tried to find it to translate, but its not there. So I think it’s a bug.

We were running into a similar problem with pluralizations in the Persian translation. (I don’t speak Persian, I’m just helping some friends set up a forum.)

It looks like there might be some information about it here:

I think it’s a bug because there is no unread.title.few on transifex:
There’s only:

So I guess unread.title.other should be used there instead of unread.title.few.

ADD: Yup. Just noticed that some guy even posted a comment about this. So this topic probably should go in bugs or support category.

also wrote about it
solutions and have not found

Closing this, we now fallback to english if any strings are missing.