Build additional reporting functionality (tags to posts)

The Blood Cancer forum team require a developer (with proven experience) to build additional reporting functionality.

The existing reporting functionality within Discourse doesn’t give the level of insight we require.

We’re looking for a way to help us internally tag individual posts (or conversations) . We already tag topics. This will enable us to tag posts (according to specific themes) and capture more meaningful data.

Proven experience of doing similar functionality and extensions is a must.

We need functionality to provide the following:

  • Add a list of specific tags to the backend of Discourse to enable staff members to tag (and view) individual posts
  • Tags must be private - we do not want tags to be viewed by the public
  • Enable staff users to filter posts by tag
  • Allow staff to filter and report on activity of tagged posts
  • Allow staff to filter posts by daily/weekly/monthly time frames and also customize time frames



I can help with that. Please email

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