Building a Discourse Community

(Jeff Atwood) #1

Anyone can set up their very own Discourse in 30 minutes or less. But how do you get people to go there? I often describe Discourse as a great, interesting dinner party. Or, depending on the community, just a party.

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(Alessio Fattorini) #2

@codinghorror we’re discussing about use of discourse for community also here Use of Discourse for the Community - General Discussion - Community Leadership Forum

(Craig Oda) #3

I wrote a longer response here. Would love to talk about this more as I am interested in the techniques people use to build a community. Hope to see the discussion around this topic pick up on this site.

(blaumeer) #6

I am using Discourse to move an existing community from a mailing list to a collaboration space that is just a bit more structured, but still free-flow.

(Jeff Atwood) #9

A bit more on the Restaurant → Discussion connection, from the UX perspective:

(Alessio Fattorini) #10

That’s very interesting. Thanks

(Ad Huikeshoven) #11

Hi @blau Yesterday a pilot has started as an alternative to the wikimedia-l mailinglist. How far have you come with moving an existing community? What have you learned, what can you share?

(blaumeer) #12

Hi @Ad_Huikeshoven, moving an email-only community to D, things that worked and were appreciated:

  • has better thread management
  • gives context to discussion (just scroll)
  • information stays there and is easy to find again
  • search
  • wiki posts
  • mobile support (web)
  • email support (mainly for those on the road)

Things that did not go as expected:

  • surveys:
  • @ group broadcast: it’s just noise, those who do not respond nor particpate won’t change behaviour.
  • moderation and flagging did not catch up (this may depend on the peculiar nature of the community)
  • guidelines enforcement: e.g min topic title length. This was strongly rejected and made fun of.

(Ad Huikeshoven) #13

Thanks for your answer. I do recognize the postive points. Regarding surveys, I’ve come across something like polss in D, is that what you meant? I haven’t tried polls yet. You mention “@ group broadcast”. I don’t know what that is in D.

(blaumeer) #14

I mean polls, yes. They work, but in the past if I changed the poll itself or the info below it it broke the poll. Don’t know if it has improved, since I don’t use it often.

Second, I mean the ability to tag a whole grout wit the syntax

@groupname (similar to @username)

You can fine tune it creating a group of users, and in the group options decide who can tag the whole group.

(Rajesh Chawla) #16

I’m looking to create a forum for handling data. I’m curious to understand what metrics you monitor as you build your forum. My guess is items such as new members, active members (how do you decide this?), and # of content items posted.