Tips on making your Discourse forum active

Hey guys, this is me, @png but I just want to tell y’all engage in your Discourse community.

  1. Ask questions
    Asking questions to your community can get it more active.

  2. Host events
    Nothing gets the community more hyper than an old fashioned event. Get some judges to rate memes, funniest posts etc.

  3. Be a part of the community.
    If your forum is aimed at a specific thing, try talking about it and getting some opinions, then tell them that they don’t have to wait for [You] to make a post, and that they can make a post.
    Ex. Hey guys! [Topic or Thing] is the best [Book Movie Etc.] ever! I wanna hear your opinions on it.
    Then after a few replies, you can reply Hey guys, feel free to share your opinions about [what the forum is focused on] and see if they start talking.

A community doesn’t grow overnight, and you have to do some advertising and share it on social media. Hope this helps you though!


Linked a useful blog post above as well as its more detailed.