Missing replies in embedded topic on Discourse blog

Whenever I start the build of a community for myself I try to read through this post again:

I figure it’s linked in the bootstrap message of a blank forum so it must be important, right? :wink:

As I made it to the bottom I read through the discussion and the conversation just sounded funny. There are replies that sound like they’re answering questions that haven’t been asked. I clicked into the topic here on meta and realized there were a couple posts missing in the embedded topic that do exist on meta.

Namely, the two replies by @Ad_Huikeshoven are missing in the embedded topic. Maybe there’s something else going on there but it made the discussion sound odd.

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It looks like @Ad_Huikeshoven doesn’t have a profile picture… I didn’t even know that was possible, I certainly can’t find any way to remove my own profile picture.

Maybe that’s why the embedding logic is getting confused???

Edit: Apparently AdBlock was blocking the profile picture… weird…


The text there is “notable replies” :slight_smile: The logic is trying to find the “most notable” replies, I agree that the UI should do a much better job at rendering that something is in reply to something else.


That makes sense. Though I have to admit that in the process of reading the article I never saw the text “Notable Replies.” I just assumed it was the full content as that’s what I’m used to. It never occurred to me (thus my reasoning for this topic) that the replies would be cherry-picked. I’m not sure it would be possible to make sure people know this is happening with our skimming nature.


Those replies do not meet the score threshold to appear.