Bulk Actions: "Remove Tags" in addition to "Change Tags"

(Joshua Rosenfeld) #1

Continuing the discussion from Bulk Actions: "Add Tags" in addition to "Change Tags":

Today I was doing some cleanup of older topics, and this included work on tags. After recategorizing topics I wanted to remove all tags on topics, but there isn’t a bulk action to do this. I ended up using the change topics action. As it is a destructive action (not append) I changed the tag to a temporary tag, which I then could delete from the /tags UI. Adding a “remove all tags” action would be appreciated.

Bulk Actions: "Add Tags" in addition to "Change Tags"
(Anton) #2

I too could find a way to select multiple topics and bulk-remove a tag from them when the tag is the only tag assigned to the topics.

Actions available are:

  1. APPEND tags, which is obviously not what I need.

  2. REPLACE tags, which requires at least one tag to be set in the modal dialog before the “Replace” button becomes available.