Bulk Actions: "Remove Tags" in addition to "Change Tags"

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Today I was doing some cleanup of older topics, and this included work on tags. After recategorizing topics I wanted to remove all tags on topics, but there isn’t a bulk action to do this. I ended up using the change topics action. As it is a destructive action (not append) I changed the tag to a temporary tag, which I then could delete from the /tags UI. Adding a “remove all tags” action would be appreciated.


I too could find a way to select multiple topics and bulk-remove a tag from them when the tag is the only tag assigned to the topics.

Actions available are:

  1. APPEND tags, which is obviously not what I need.

  2. REPLACE tags, which requires at least one tag to be set in the modal dialog before the “Replace” button becomes available.

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I would like a “remove this tag from selected posts” bulk option in the tag management window. Right now I can replace the tags (which destroys all tags on the post) or add tags, but I can’t remove the tags.

Now, this dialogue is more general bulk actions, so it might be better to add this to the top of the tag’s page, to appear when you select topics within the screen. So When you select topics, something like this pops up:


Desired action will be to remove the tag from the selected topics.

Use case: As our community has never been able to use tags before, they’re just adding lots of the wrong tags to their posts. So I find myself needing to remove tags from selected posts. For now, I have to open each thread individually, edit the title, and then remove the tags, and save. NOT ideal, especially when dealing with dozens.


Moved Heather’s post over here, I didn’t remember I had written the same feature request a few years prior!


This feature is now available via:



The feature you mentioned is for removing ALL tags. I’m pretty sure that what is being asked for is the ability to remove a specific/single tag from multiple topics, which is what I was looking for as well. :slight_smile:

Blast from the past! I made this topic before I joined the team :smiley:

My original request was to remove all tags on the selected topics. Remove a specific tag appears to have been suggested 2 years later by Anton. Regardless, thoughts @techAPJ? Could we extend the remove tags option to prompt for a specific tag alongside the option to remove all tags?