Bulk change ownership of topics

Some of our users cancel their accounts having created (dozens of) topics.
In these situations, we transfer their topics to a designated account before deleting the user . How could we update the ownership all of their topics at once?

Why not simply anonymize the account? It makes more sense to do that than to mis-attribute posts. There’s a button to do that right at the bottom of the admin page for the user. Every post by the user will be taken care of.


Well… that kind of depends on what you consider misattribute. There is a rationale behind it. Some users are okay with anonymizing, most like to have their posts removed as well, but not their topics.

This system/lifehack/wrongdoing of ours works like a charm except: many many clicks.

An anonymized user behaves just like a regular user. If I anonymize a user this is how they end up looking:

So you can anonymize any user who wishes to be deleted, and if they want their replies deleted you can go to that step too, their topics would be assigned to the anonymized user. Its not zero additional clicks, but should be less work than you’re currently doing.


ah great! makes sense that anonymizing would take care of it in hindsight :blush:
had a nagging feeling our thing was kind of dirty (otherwise i wouldn’t have to get defensive over it right :wink: )and so it turns out to be. thanks a lot!