What happens when a user is deleted?

That is, what happens with their posts, edits, and other contributions?

I’m cleaning up old users in our Discourse instance, and found an old admin account that was only used for adding the initial posts and some edits afterwards. This admin account haven’t been used ever since as we moved on to adding admin rights to key users. I would like to revoke its admin status + delete it, but couldn’t find any info about what the specific consequences will be. (Yes, maybe I suck at googling…)

Thank you for any pointers!


If you delete a user then their topics and posts are removed too.

To avoid this consider anonymizing the account instead. That’s a big part of the value of anonymization.


Thank you! I just realized that there is also a “Merge” button that does exactly what I was looking for. At least, I just pressed it, and now all the posts & edits seem to be migrated to the user I specified and the old admin account was deleted automatically. Fingers crossed:)


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