Bulk Invite Deleted Posts

Why does the accepted response message from bulk invited users show that their posts have been deleted?

They may actually have deleted the post (or maybe a staff member did that) this isn’t quite the place where accepted answers show up.

The sample banner shown in my above post appears when I view a message titled “so-and-so accepted your invitation.” When I click on the banner the posts show up with a red background and a trash can and my picture next to the trash can. However I have not deleted their posts. All I did was invite them.

Here’s a screen shot of one of my inviter users 4 deleted posts.

But this is the really weird part. It appears the posts are not actually deleted. If I search for or otherwise find the post they are NOT deleted.

Is Discourse making some change to invited users posts, pulling them out of some queue or status?

Also note this is not happing to every invited user. Also note that at least some of these users were imported from a Mailman list which is why they have existing posts.

Those posts are deleted. Staff however, with the right links can see those deleted posts which are otherwise not visible to a regular user.

And Your photo there means that the post was made in a direct reply to You. It can be something related to the import but I’m not too sure. However, discourse seems to be working as expected, nothing out of the ordinary.