Bulk tag buttons appear when tagging is disabled

The buttons to replace or append tags appear in the topic list bulk actions modal even when tagging is not enabled. Clicking on either provides a text field to type tags, which says “Loading failed” as the autocomplete option. A 404 error is thrown by the attempted tag search https://discourse.example.com/tags/filter/search?q=&limit=5&selected_tags=&filterForInput=true


Can we still repro this @Simon_Cossar?

Yes, the Replace Tags and Append Tags options are still given when tags are disabled. If you try to enter a tag name, an error modal pops up saying ‘The requested URL or resource could not be found.’

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Is this a good starter task @sam?

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Yes this feels like an easy change to me, client knows if tagging is enabled or not.


Hello guys,

This is a pretty long standing bug and I decided to give it a try. I just submitted this pull request.




Thanks, fix is merged!