Bulk topic timers

For adding topic timers, e.g., close topic 1 month after last update, it would be great to have a bulk option. This would allow for adding topic timers to multiple topics at once, without going into each individual topic.

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Interesting idea. Are you referring to this modal?

If so, an edge cases to consider: What happens if there’s already a topic timer on one (or more) of the selected topics?

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Yes, exactly this modal.

I’d find it natural to have the same behavior as if the set topic timer action is performed again on a topic that already has one, i.e., overwrite the existing timer.

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May I ask why the “Auto-close topic hours” setting on the category isn’t enough?
Are you adding these timers on topics spanning multiple categories?


Absolutely. I’ve added this setting (720 hours and ticked Don’t close until the last post in the topic is at least this old) and it seems to affect only newly added topics, not those that are currently in this category.

I wanted to bulk add the topic timer to the topics that already existed in the category.


I thought we had a rails command to apply the category setting retroactively too all topics within the category, but I’m failing to find it right now. I’ll keep looking…

This is a pretty unique request, why not consume the api, my feeling is that your own custom sword here will fit way better


Thanks for the suggestion.

I’ve went with a combination of database queries to identify the relevant topic IDs and requests to the timer API.