Can I bulk remove topic timer auto-bump of topics?

I played with automatic bumps once, doing those per topic. Well, that was not the smartest move and is annoying me and my users.

Because those bumps aren’t made on category level, but per topic, is the only way to stop bumping closing topics? And because I really want to keep things and discusses together, closing permanenty is not an option (and it will make searching impossible at sime point because overwhelming amount of hits; happening here already). So I have to re-open those topics, but shall the auto-bump make Grand Return™ too then?

And… I did bumps using topic timer. Is that actually one timer or a recurring setting? If the first one then I don’t have any problems and the globe is even rounder than yesterday :wink:

I don’t think there’s currently a way to remove topic timers in a bulk action through the UI. You may be able to do something from the rails console?

The per topic ones are not recurring though, so once they’ve reached their ‘bump time’ they shouldn’t rebump again. :+1:

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