Bulk undelete topics

I need help to undelete deleted posts but in bulk!


so i can access all posts but we need to undelete it in bulk!

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There is no “undelete” bulk action that I know of, so you’ll need to write a script for this and use the Discourse API. Everything you do in Discourse you can do through the API, check this topic to learn how How to reverse engineer the Discourse API

As instructed in the topic, if you check your network tab (in your browser’s dev tools), you’ll see that whenever the “reverse delete” button is clicked, there is a PUT call made to /posts/<post-id>/recover

So, if you have a list of IDs of the posts you want to “undelete” then you could do so by making successive calls to that end point.


Did you get this with the API?

If not, here are hints of how to do it in rails: Bulk un-deletion - #3 by pfaffman