Bulk User Invite with Error

I sent a bulk invite and received this message.

I see no indication that any email was sent other than that, nothing any logs or admin display. Even my email provider is not showing a spike in the number of sent emails.

Is it possible that the “invites mailed” part of the message is not correct?

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I see my error. I left the column names in the csv file.

I don’t want to spam my users. Is it safe to assume the bulk email was not sent in spite of the 840 invites mailed message?


My guess would be they were all sent, and the error was only for the first row with the column name. Maybe @techAPJ can confirm.


I don’t see anything that looks like bulk email sent in /admin/email/sent. Might there be a log entry elsewhere I’m missing?

Another thing that may be of interest. I expected to have a dialog window similar to the one when sending a single invite but there was not. Is that normal behavior?


If the email delivery is working fine on your site than I can assure you that all of 840 invite emails were sent. Maybe try confirming with one of your invited user if you want to double check?

Are you seeing any recent email sent entry on /admin/email/sent? Can you try sending test email from /admin/email and see if that creates log entry? (it should.)

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Test message to myself works fine and it shows up in `/admin/email/sent’ as do many recent others.

One other thought. These email address are staged users imported from our Mailman list. Will bulk invite send email to staged users?

I just tested this on my own site with a staged user’s email address in the bulk invite CSV file. The response I got from Discourse was:

Your bulk user invite file was processed, 1 invites mailed.

but there was no invite sent. I’m not sure what the expected behaviour is for inviting staged users, but the problem in the Discourse code seems to happen here: https://github.com/discourse/discourse/blob/master/app/jobs/regular/bulk_invite.rb#L96. User.find_by_email(<staged_user_email>) will return a user, so the invite doesn’t get sent.

If staged users cannot be invited to the forum, the notification that is sent should not say that invites were mailed for these users.

Edit: not being able to bulk invite staged users seems to be a regression. Sending individual invites to staged users works without any problems.


Should this be fixed @techAPJ?


What is your outbound mail server? Mailgun and mandrill provide very handy insight into emails sent through them. You can see every email.

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Hey guys, @codinghorror @techAPJ, Any update on this?

I’ll fix this issue today.


Done via


@tisawyer updating your instance to latest version will allow sending bulk invites to staged users.

(I marked the commit as feature because bulk invite was initially not supposed to be used for staged users. We started allowing inviting staged users in this commit, and now we allow it for bulk invite as well.)


I’ll upgrade this evening, test and report back. Thank you!


Looks like it worked. Sent a bulk invite to list of one user as a test. Will do the real invite after a bit more testing and some tuning of the sent email.

Thank you both very much.