Buttons for Scrolling to the Top/Bottom of Topics


Navigating my forum requires a lot of jumping between the top and bottom of topics. This theme component makes that easier by placing visible jump buttons on topic pages.

How to install

:information_source: Summary Adds buttons that enable efficient jumping to the beginning/end of topics.
:hammer_and_wrench: Repository GitHub - ScottMastro/discourse-scroll-buttons
:question: Install Guide How to install a theme or theme component
:open_book: New to Discourse Themes? Beginner’s guide to using Discourse Themes

What it does

Buttons are placed in three different places and can be made visible/invisible by toggling the cooresponding settings. Issues or bug reports are welcome.

timeline buttons enabled:

This is slightly redundant with clicking on the dates at the top/bottom of the timeline but in my experience, that feature is mostly unknown to users without explicitly telling them.

jump button enabled:

Adds a β€œJump” button at the bottom of the page to bring you back to the top. Text and hover info of the button can be changed in the component settings

mobile buttons enabled:


Always visible when browsing a topic on a mobile device