Call me stupid - how do I sort topics by created date or by title?

What the subj says. I see only sort by replies, views or activity (last reply/edit).


Above that click on “Latest” to see them ordered by creation date. I don’t know of a way to sort them by title.

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I can confirm that (at least in my case) clicking on Latest does not order them by creation date (it looks the same as ordered by activity). I’m using 1.9.4 stable.

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Sorry, duh, you’re right.

PS: You can use the urls:
to order by creation date.
sorry, no that’s not right either. :frowning:



Thanks, good find.

Can the theme be edited from the GUI to change the url of “Latest” or “Activity”?

If any dev is reading this: why not replace “Activity” with “Created” given the “Latest” button is a duplicate of “Activity”?

Sorry for necro, but is there now a way to sort by title? Anyone?

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Not possible right now, @nordize

Check this:


I would like the same thing.

But just typing
Don’t work.

Anyone have a solution to: sort topics by created date?

That works for me…

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