Show Latest topics, not by comment on home page

I searched this forum but couldn’t find the answer to my question.

I have my home default page set up to show the Latest and it orders them based on activity rather than simply the latest topic. So whenever anyone comments on a topic it keeps that topic at the top of the list. Because some topics have a lot of conversation they stay at the top while new topics get buried.

I did find the option in the setting for “desktop category page style” "Categories and Latest Topics (sort by topic created date) and I have enabled that. But it still shows the topics on the home page (which is set to show Latest) by activity rather than topic created date. If I click on the Latest link it will then show the topics by created date but not on my default home page, which is set to show Latest.

Is there a way to fix this?

Thanks in advance.

Check this topic

It also has some non-official workarounds


Thanks hiddenseal, looks like I’m not the only one who wants this. Perhaps they will add this option in the future. In the meantime I will try one of these workarounds.

I use this param and set it in tab bar

you may also add it to nav links for desktop

I just want the home page to land on it. I already have the Latest tab do what I want thanks to the setting for “desktop category page style” “Categories and Latest Topics (sort by topic created date)” but you have to then click on the latest tab in order for that order to appear. When you just go to the home page it shows the old order by activity even though the Latest tab is highlighted. Actually, I also noticed that every time I click on the Latest tab it toggles back and forth between home (straight url) and yoursiteurl/latest?order=created.

Anyhow, looks like the best option is to redirect my home page to /latest?order=created