Calling out for Testers

Hi Guys,
I have created a rewards plugin for 2 of my clients. This plugin allows users to earn points by earning reward badges OR doing some pre-defined tasks. These earned points can be redeemed in the points-center where the admin has uploaded rewards.

Plugin Link: GitHub - Ahmedgagan/discourse-rewards

@matenauta is facing this issue.

b:289:in `detect_enum_conflict!'
/home/user/.rbenv/versions/2.7.1/lib/ruby/gems/2.7.0/gems/activerecord- `raise_c
onflict_error': You tried to define an enum named "status" on the model "DiscourseRewards::UserReward", but this will genera
te a instance method "applied?", which is already defined by another enum. (ArgumentError)

I am unable to reproduce this issue & even my other client is not having any issues with the plugin.

I want some people to test the plugin & share if they are facing some similar issue or not. Also, if anyone has a solution for this?

Thank you for testing out the plugin.

Best regards.


Yep, another plugins work but not rewards one:

It’s a clean install, what can be wrong? I followed that guide:


Can you use this command bundle exec rake db:migrate?


Testing, that’s do the trick :love_you_gesture:

But now:

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Can you restart the server and check?

@Ahmed_Gagan does this plugin have a topic on meta? I was looking to suggest a feature that could have multiple uses cases.


No I haven’t released it yet but will release in next few days.

Also, the above issue was just an installation issue from my client side.

Thanks everyone for helping.