Calling out for volunteer Community Managers 📣

Willing to help with Admin setup(can assist with After first install) and community management. Can assist english communities.

Nova Scotia, :canada:


Central European time, EN/FR, help with moderation and a bit of admin/config, but not setup.

Would it be a good idea to have a level 2 support team we can turn to?


:wave: I am willing to volunteer and help out with moderation and community management, however also with things like theme/plugin installation and anything else. Willing to do as much as I can to help out! I live in Scotland.


I am willing to donate my time to help with hosting, setup and admin. I am in Melbourne, Australia.


I can help with Community Management - onboarding and moderation, but not setup. Can learn the setup process.
I’m a professional Community Manager from India.


Hi Sam. Thank you for putting this out. I am willing to help with Community Management and moderation. I am from India. Been into Community Management for 5 years.


I am willing to donate my time to help with community management (helping people get started and understand what’s required, answering questions, and providing hands-on guidance), and I live in Hollywood, California (U.S.A.).


:de: / :us: / :uk: We can offer help from Germany in german and english language. We already do have a bunch of Discourse and Community management experience.

We also already setup a german Forum around the pandemic ( We can either offer to collaborate their or help with setting up a new forum


Sam - I am new to discourse. I work for a non-profit representing over 10,000 surgeons, and we just set our discourse instance to assist with doctors working in our field of interest (OB/GYN’s) I am trying to fast track myself to get up to speed will do whatever I can to help. Wondering if you want to refer institutions to work with those of us already up and running. Feel free to reach out to me.


I am willing to donate my time to help with my team, I live in Bangladesh.


Thanks Sam and Discourse team for this. I’d like to offer help in a somewhat more specific way I haven’t seen mentioned here yet: integrating Discourse with your WordPress site.

I work with two sites that use both platforms (linked via the awesome WP Discourse plugin) and would be happy to advise on setup for this sort of thing. This could be useful if you already have a blog or course site on WordPress and are interested in integrating Discourse for discussion / commenting. I’m in NYC, English only but happy to help folks anywhere if I can.


If you’re based in Indonesia, I’d be happy to help as best as I can related to plugin/theme/installation. I also member of


I am willing to donate my time to help with community management. I live in Accra, speak French and English


I am willing to donate my time to help with setup, configuration, and management, I live in the Greece and I speak Greek and English.


:raised_hand: I can help with the technical side (installation, configuration, etc.). Spoken languages: English, French.


I run the Unschooling Community,, which uses Discourse and has lots of information, unschoolers to connect with, and is a haven for those seeking a paradigm shift in their education. With a massive global population of people homeschooling & unschooling now, we can embrace valuable communities that have been using Discourse already.


I am willing to donate my time to help with community management , and in any other way I possibly can. I live in Turkey.


Note… to help close the loop here I added guidance for communities seeking help into the OP:

How do you connect to people in this topic?

If you would like the communities help running your project please read through this topic and pick a few candidates based on time zone and the expertise you they have. Feel free to start a private message with a few of the candidates to discuss next step. If you are not sure what to do, include @sam on the message and I will try to help out.

To start a PM click on the avatar of the user and start a message.

You will need to be trust level 1 on meta for that option to show up, so browse around for 10 minutes and you should become trust level 1.


Hi there! I’m new to Discourse, but have been doing Community Management for about 10 years and would love to help anyone in need at this time.

Let’s get through this together! I’m based out of the US in California. Feel free to PM me. English only, sorry.


:raising_hand_woman: Hi there! I am willing to donate my time to help with community management.
I’m based in Lisbon, Portugal (I also speak :portugal: / :brazil: and :uk:).