Calling out for volunteer Community Managers 📣


I’m happy to help, especially starting in April, with setting up self hosted instances or managing hosted instances. I’m a Rails developer in London and run a few small discourse sites.


:raised_hand: i’m happy to help with installation and configuration, i’m based in London and speak :fr: french and :uk: english.


:raised_hand: I am willing to donate my time to help with installation and configuration, I live in Switzerland


I am in the United States, and am willing to donate time to help with installation and configuration (but not the coding side of it for custom plugins, etc.). I primarily am well versed in the docker deployment of this, as well as some additional bits and pieces, but I actively admin and operate discord sites for individuals who ask me to as a consultant or secondary administrator.

I can also assist with community management as well, post-installation.


I am willing to donate my time as Community Manager, I live in India.


I’m willing to help all Italian :it: projects kickstarting. I can do consultancy from Installing to configuring and post-installation task. I can also advise and make custom, self-hosted solutions.


:raised_back_of_hand: I’m a healthcare professional in Toronto, Ontario, Canada :canada: and I’ve set up Discourse communities for other medical groups. Happy to help with technical advice and setting up custom Discourse instances if needed.

  • I am willing to donate some of my time to help with community management and can assist with setting up and configuring Discourse instances (no coding or hosting, though). I have no prior experience with either on discourse itself.
  • I can speak :us: / :uk: English, :netherlands: Dutch, some :fr: French and a little :de: German.
    (I use a combination of and Google Translate to translate posts.)
  • I am 18+ and have previous experience with contributing to, translating and reporting vandalism, technical issues on Discourse forums, (non-discourse) wikis and other (social) services, hosting and moderating Discord servers and some limited technical troubleshooting.
  • I am mainly active in gaming-related topics.

I’d love to help with

  • Sharing tips on engaging and first steps with community building (gamification, short howtos, etc).
  • Setting up Discourse with various plugins and help shape it with some CSS theming.
  • Gamification, Q&A, badges, technical insights.

Thanks to my role as Developer Evangelist at GitLab I’m used to different timezones, so feel free to reach out even if you are not located in Germany/CEST. I speak both English and German.

Here’s a few suggestions I had made before joining GitLab. Hope they help :slight_smile:


More or less the same for me. I’m willing to help if its necessary. Located in Germany, but familiar working in different time zones, fluent in german and english. I operate own discourse instances on root servers in germany since 3 yrs.

Esslingen (SW-Germany)


:raised_hand:I’m available to help configure, manage and run communities in the education, healthcare or on ground relief efforts.


I am willing to donate my time to help with community management. I live in Algeria, speak Arabic, French and English :+1: :smiley:


:raised_hand: I am willing to donate my time, I live in United States :us: but available to address anything discourse related globally (Primary languages English/and some google translator), I’m willing to donate my time with assisting in some setup, web hosting, support, and moderation, I’m the Executive Director at


:vulcan_salute: Live long and prosper (ref)

  • Located in NJ
  • Discourse admin at SWI-Prolog which is an AI programming language
  • Have an open schedule with free time
  • Currently installing a new instance at OSU Open Source Lab (OSU OSL)
  • Discourse forums: Health Forum NZ, Digital Health Networks
  • Computer Science B.S.
  • No degree related to health or medicine
  • Comfortable at sites like Reactome or learning from MedCram

Reach me here with @EricGT


@team This should get a bump every week. I only noticed it because someone else replied.


We share it whenever we extend the three month offer. :slight_smile:


So do we have an army of volunteer community managers? Are some active? I did not receive any enquiry. Did anyone else?


I have certainly heard of a few success storied, maybe we should make another topic to track that … @nathank maybe kick off a “success story” topic?


I’m not sure I can claim a full success - our site ( exploded numbers-wise for a while and had great discussions, but then hit the skids as people stopped wanting to talk about COVID-19 any more. We are currently working on re-inventing it for the long term as a flexible multi-disciplinary national (all health related) platform for discussion and collaboration.

It was actually really hard to find community managers who understand both our local culture and our health peculiarities particularly with privacy; we really need to find community managers from our own. That has meant training them up, which is a very slow and laborious process. @pacharanero was a co-conspirator and amazingly supportive, @angus has been invaluable, and @HAWK and @Rhidian have given great advice. And the whole @staff here have given us special attention, which has been really appreciated.


Would like to say a big thank you to Sam Saffron for starting this thread and of course the team at Discourse, this entire community but especially those who specifically offered their assistance.

And for encouragement, support and wishes to Nathan and Profile - InspektorCluzo - Discourse Meta

One person in particular deserves thanks and I hope they don’t mind me posting this:

A bit about our experience here - maybe of some use.

peace & love