Can a Weekly Digest be sent out on a specific day to all members?

I’ve been a member of a Discourse community for a couple years now and am setting up a community for my employer. I’m lining up weekly AMAs and want all members to get a weekly digest every Monday night to see who is doing the AMA and the first few questions that have been asked (as well as the regular digest of the top posts from the last week). Is it possible to send the weekly digest on a schedule (and include specific content) instead of relying on inactivity as a trigger for the email to be sent?

(I’ve spent the last 30 minutes looking through settings and searching this forum and haven’t found anything, but maybe I missed something?)

It is a little bit of work but you can do it using:

  1. Create a category to host those monday digests, let’s say “AMA Teasers”.

  2. Make this category protected, so people can’t create topics or reply on it. Only you (staff)

  3. Put this category in the “default categories watching first post” site setting.

  4. Every monday create a topic in there with the customized content and a link to the actual AMA topic.


Could I make it a staff category where people can’t even see it? Or would it have to be a public category for them to get the emails?


People need the “see” access to get the emails.

What you can do is to Unlist those topics as soon as you create, so they won’t appear anywhere.