Can any user create a new category

I am planning to use discourse as a forum site. While going through the discourse, I find as a user I am not able to create a new category.

Is it the admin, only who can create a new category or any user can create it while posting a new topic.


Creating categories is an admin task. Users cannot create categories.


Thanks for the reply tobiaseigen.

But, what if I want the user to provide this liberty of creating his/her new category? Is there any provision in discourse of doing so?

You can allow moderators to create categories, but not regular users.

I’m curious… why would you want users to create categories? They are so important to the organization and presentation of your community that it could get pretty weird, pretty fast. Generally you want to keep the number of categories to a minimum anyway.

You can enable users to create tags if you like. It defaults to trust level 3 but you can lower that to trust level 0 if you want to.


That is nice…

Now, I have my answer. You rock buddy. :+1:

Thanks for your help!



How wondering how are you allowing your moderators to create categories? We’re on discourse 2.1.6, and when we make an end-user (no admin rights) a moderator, we still don’t see the drop down button to create categories.

Did you do any customizations? Or used any plug-ins?


There is a site setting you need to enable, search for moderators create categories


Thank you! How did we miss that?!

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