How can moderators create categories?

Hi everyone. My name is Jeff and I am a forum moderator. I am new to the Discourse platform. I’m not a tech or “computer person” if you will.
I don’t have previous experience with any kind of forum formats, so I’m hoping that learning this one (as my first) from scratch (without preconceptions or incorrect assumptions) might actually be an advantage, but it still leaves a lot of catching up, to be up to speed. I have just started to work through the user guide and it looks great.:+1:

The question I have at the moment is this… As a moderator, can I create a new category and if so, how? Or can this only be done by a forum administrator?

Thank You in advance to all.

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Welcome to our forum :handshake:

Moderators can do that only if the moderators create categories site setting has been enabled. You’ll have to ask an admin to enable that setting from Admin > Settings after which you’ll be all set:


@rishabh Very cool!:+1: Thank you. I expected it would be something simple as that.
Our administrator has a full plate and relies on his moderators to see to the forums operation, improvement, and maintenance without being micro-managed or tying their hands with the inability to access functions like this. That being said, there are things that haven’t come up or are unknown to current mods because it hasn’t been needed before, or because previous mods haven’t asked or tried to learn more about the system.

Your kind of help and advice is invaluable to moderators like me, who aren’t techs, but want to learn and be a quality moderator for both the forum owner and its members.

After my admin allows that setting, will the “create category” function become visible on my moderator page?

No worries. After the setting is enabled, you’ll have to head over to the Categories page ( and click this button:


@rishabh Awesome. I have sent the request to my admin.
It sometimes takes him a while, getting time to do this kind of thing. Even though I don’t know when he will change the setting exactly, I have gone ahead with confidence, and credited you with the solution to both of my questions.
Great job! :ok_hand:

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