Can Discobot answer unanswered and idle topics?

We want a canned response “Looks like you are still waiting for a response, if you need help, contact our Customer Support Team instead at XXX” from Discobot or the system when a topic was left unanswered after Y days. Is this possible?

It’s not supported as you described, but as an alternative, have you considered bumping topics? This can help your support team find forgotten topics that have yet to be handled.


This is great. What’s the latest logic? If I say bump 10 daily and we get less than or greater than 10 unanswered topics, which one will get bumped the next day?

This is how I imagine it: It always bumps the 10 oldest ones. However, if a post have been bumped a few times and has reached the limit, it will be skipped the next time and will be forgotten.

@featheredtoast This doesn’t suit are needs as this bumps old topics even if they have replies vs. old topics with zero replies. Are there alternatives?

If you have a support team, you can add a button to filter only topics with zero replies for then:

There is also a plugin that will tag every new topic with a unhandled tag, until your staff deals with it and hits a button to remove the tag:


If the topic is complete it should be closed. Closed topics won’t be bumped.