Can Discourse AI Plugin Connect with OpenAI Assistants?

I want to know if it’s technically possible to establish a connection between ai-persona (Discourse AI plugin) and my assistants on the OpenAI Assistants platform. Can this be done using integrators like Zapier or My goal is to link a specific AI assistant to a particular AI assistant that already exists on the OpenAI platform. Considering the growing number of AI platforms, such integration could enhance the capabilities of using the “Discourse AI” plugin. If such functionality isn’t currently available, is it reasonable to expect a similar feature in the future?

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Can you explain end to end, what you are trying to achieve with a concrete example or two?


Maybe I’m not understanding something but the “assistant” is just a text prompt/set of instructions that gets included with the messages sent as input to the model.

Meaning, all you have to do is copy the prompt used by the OpenAI assistant and paste in in your Discourse AI persona and you functionally have the same thing?

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Assistant offered by OpenAI is a bit different thing than GPT via API using a system prompt, functions and user prompt, isn’t it?

It is quite problematic nowadays when assistant can mean what ever.

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Makes sense. What can an assistant do that a GPT can’t? I guess that’s the root question at play here

I believe he’s referring to Open AI’s somewhat controversial conversational API.

Controversial because it has a reputation for being expensive (the algorithm apparently fills its maximum context every cycle which with GPT 4 selected especially will really start to rapidly increase your bill - currently ~$1 per call! - It’s not for the cost sensitive!) and something you can solve using local RAG and train of thought in more controlled and efficient way using standard chat completion endpoints.

Advantages are its simplicity, separating of concerns and the fact it can handle several upload formats out of the box (though you have to pay for storage.)

It doesn’t offer the user significantly more than we already have with both Chatbot and AI Bot afaict, would in some ways just provide a technical simplification and the cost inefficiency is a real concern.

I held off from adding this to Chatbot due to the negative feedback from some of the Open AI community.

Perhaps they will address its issues at some point and it will become a more attractive option …


Although I emphasized the use of assistants on the OpenAI platform in my initial post, I’m also interested in the possibility of automating certain actions using integrators such as Zapier and

Besides system prompts, I’m also considering the possibility of uploading a knowledge base in the form of documents.

  1. Currently, I have several specially trained AI assistants on the OpenAI platform. For example, one of them is a forum tech support bot. It’s familiar with all site settings and community rules. My goal is to set up forwarding of user requests on the forum to this assistant. I understand that in the future, the Discourse AI plugin may provide functionality for training an AI bot. However, as a forum administrator, I also want to receive notifications in Telegram and keep a history of user conversations with the bot in a separate Google spreadsheet. An approximate illustration is presented below:

  2. Sometimes, achieving a good result requires more than one dialogue with a single AI assistant. For example, on my forum, I’ve created an AI assistant that enhances the user’s initial query and translates it into English. The user copies the improved query and sends it to another bot - AI-stable-diffusion. Thus, to create an image, the user will need to engage in a dialogue with two bots. Such procedures can be automated using integrators. For example: user request on the forum → AI-prompt-engineer → AI-stable-diffusion → ready image for the user.

  3. A specially trained AI post generator helps users create materials for subsequent publication on social networks and forums. We can also automate this process. For example, as an administrator, I want to create a post and write a request to the AI. After processing, my post is automatically published on the forum and on the social media pages of my forum. An illustration is provided below:

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Good news, we are working on this feature at the moment, personas will support this.

This is already supported! see the Artist persona.


Thank you for the quick response :raised_hands: I look forward to the launch of this feature :rocket:

Wow, that’s just awesome, I’m really glad that such a persona exists now. Simply brilliant :sweat_smile: :+1:

Additionally, I would like to provide another example illustrating the benefits of integrating Zapier and services with the Discourse AI plugin: connecting a Telegram bot with an AI bot, enabling authorized users of the Telegram bot to directly interact with the AI bot.

I would like to express my gratitude to the developers of the Discourse forum for their professionalism and dedication :muscle: