Can discourse display topic replies in reverse order?

(OliverJ) #1

Tried searching but couldn’t find anything. Can the order be changed to newest first within a topic?

Some forums have huge topics with hundreds of pages of answers and are IMO better read with newest-first order, where you don’t really care about the old ones.

(Pyro) #2

If a topic has hundreds of pages of answers and it does not matter to the reader what was said in the beginning, it does not represent quality content. In quality discussions every contribution counts.

Discourse already provides the function of beginning the reading experience where you ended it.
Why would it not be necessary to read all these posts in-between? What makes latest posts more valuable?

Edit: If you don’t care about the old posts, you would not keep scrolling to read them. Do you only want to see the latest updates like, for example, I would want to read in a “news” feed aimed at entertaining me?

(Bill Ayakatubby) #3

AFAIK this would require a plug-in or modification to the core codebase to implement. As a work-around, each topic has the green “progress bar” in the lower-right. You can always click the down arrow to be taken to the last post in the topic.

Also, in case you didn’t catch it from @pyro240’s response:

In other words, Discourse keeps track of your reading position. For example, if a topic has 40 posts and you read 30 of them, it remembers that. If the topic gets 40 more posts while you’re away, it will start you at #30 so you can pick up where you left off. I know that’s not a direct response to your query, but it’s useful and cool. :slight_smile:

(Jeff Atwood) #4

You can also enter a topic at the first post or last post by clicking the appropriate date in the Activity column on the far right.

(OliverJ) #5

@codinghorror That’s actually really cool. It loads last x posts and then I can scroll back up. Never seen this before. I think that fits my use case pretty well.

(Anton) #6

Still, it would be awesome if I could tick a checkbox in the topic settings menu and allow it to show entries in reverse order. It would be awesome for twitter-like topics where there is no logic flow between posts and it is preferred to show newest entries first.

(Justin Pierce) #7

Reverse order option would be nice – I was hoping to use it for a changelog.

(Sam Saffron) #8

Its a very complicated change, probably a week of work to wire it up properly without having stuff like collapsed streams, deferred loading and so on working.

(Sergey Sobolev) #9

That can be useful for embedding a live discussion, for events like a webinar. In those cases you would want the last comments on the top, or the autoscroll of some kind.