Can email footer text exclude the reference to replying when replies not accepted to a topic?

Unlike online users our email centric users get no indication of when they can and cannot reply to a topic.

When online there is no reply button visible when replies are not accepted however the footer on emailed notifications always indicates that a reply can made. This is causing confusion amongst our email centric users.

Is it possible to use different footer text when replies are not accepted? If not, is there any other way to indicate in the notification emails that replies are not accepted?



OK, so I am guessing that I haven’t missed anything obvious in the settings as there hasn’t been any replies.

Luckily our current usage case only involves a single category which does not accept replies so I will add a note to the email footer text. Going forward we will have to ensure we use only this single category when we wish to prevent replies to avoid the email footer text becoming too long.