Hide Reply button in emails if you don't have permission

Is it possible to suppress the reply button in emails if the user doesn’t have permission to reply. This can be misleading to someone who can’t reply in a category they get emails on.


This is kind of a bug, we should not be showing a reply button, or telling people they can reply if they only have “see” permission to a category.

Minor, but a bug.


Gotcha, any plans for it being on the roadmap for this version?

I am not sure how to answer this, bugs don’t find their way into the roadmaps, they get fixed as we go.

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Could you describe the steps to reproduce this issue?

I receive this message
“Visit Topic to respond.
To stop receiving notifications for this particular topic, click here.
To unsubscribe from these emails, change your user preferences.”

when I don’t have permissions to reply to a topic. Do you want the “to respond” to be hidden?

Correct, it’s misleading to suggest responding to the email when they don’t have the permissions to do so.