Can GitLab be installed on the same droplet as Discourse

I am thinking of installing GitLab on a server.
Can I use the same DO droplet where Discourse resides (assuming I add space/RAM as needed)? My impression is that that’s what Docker is all about? Or is it a Bad Idea?

Looking at that page:

This tutorial will assume that you have access to a fresh Ubuntu 16.04 server. The published GitLab hardware requirements recommend using a server with:

2 cores
4GB of RAM

So yeah, you would probably be good with a 8GB droplet :slight_smile:


Depending on your needs,you could probably install gitolite on a 1 gb droplet without any deleterious effect.

Edit (back at a computer): If all you want is a way to have private repositories, gitolite has virtually zero overhead. Installing it is a bit quirky, but once you do, if you’re comfortable using git and editing text files, it’s pretty easy to manage adding new projects and making people be able to access them. (And if you’re not comfortable with git and text files, well. . . . )

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I’m running a server with GitLab and (multisite) Discourse. It has 6 GB RAM and 1 GB swap, and is running fine:

(I try to make sure that GitLab and Discourse aren’t updating simultaneously, though ;-))


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