Can Group Owners award Badges?

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We’d like Group Owners to be able to give out badges to their members. Is this possible in place of just admins? Thanks!

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The easiest way to get this would be to create more groups for the badges, and make the group owners the owners of those groups too.


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How is it possible through settings? Thanks!

You can create groups on the /g groups page on your site. Then create a badge at /admin/badges.

You need to enable badge SQL to automatically assign a badge based on group membership. See Badge SQL can no longer be edited by default

Thanks, @tobiaseigen but how it will help Group Owners to be able to manually give out badges to their members? As I see the badges can be given out manually by admins only.
Or do I miss something?

Group owners can add/remove people from the group. When they are added to the group, they get the badge. When they are removed from the group, the badge is removed.

This only works if you enable the badge SQL queries and set it up in the settings for the badge you want the group owner to be able to award to users.


Ah, I finally got the idea. Thanks again!

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You’re welcome! :slight_smile: Depending on the size of your community, it might be easier to just have staff award the badges. You can set up a process whereby group owners use PMs to ask staff to create the badges and award them to specific users. Creating all these hidden groups for the purpose of awarding badges will need some maintenance and might get confusing!

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One more idea that I imagine is to give badges automatically on like or comment from the group owner in particular category.

… which is precisely what the badge SQL queries are about. We do that here on meta for bug reports liked by the team. Take a look at Search results for 'badge sql query' - Discourse Meta to explore some of the sql queries already in use by others.

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Yep, thanks - I’m already testing possible SQL with Data Explorer

Cool. Have fun! :seedling:

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