Can I change What Emails Are Sent To Users?


I had this question for a white now, but is it possible for my (the owner of a forum) to change what emails are sent to users?

Eg: Some users are getting an email every time a topic is created.

Can I change that somewhere?


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Start by looking at your ‘default categories’ and ‘default tags’ site settings:

If you have added a category or tag so that by default users are watching or watching the first post of all topics with the category/tag, this could cause a lot of emails to be sent from the site. If you are comfortable changing the setting for all users on your site, you can remove the category or tag from the setting, when you save your changes, a window will open asking if you would like to “apply the change” historically. Select “Yes” to stop all users from watching the category or tag.

If you don’t want to change the preference for all users on your site, you’ll need to let your users know that they can change their notification preferences from the Categories and Tags sections of their preferences page:

Another thing that could cause users to receive a lot of emails is if they have enabled mailing list mode. Users can disable mailing list mode from the “Emails” section of their preferences page. You should also check to make sure that the default email mailing list mode site setting is not enabled. That setting is hidden for most sites on our hosting, but is available on self-hosted sites.


Ok thank you!

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