Changing the category to tracking by default

Hi everyone,

I have tried to find an answer, but seems like I need your help…I am a admin and I would like to change the setting of “watching, tracking, etc” for ALL users (not just for new ones but for everyone. It seems like right now all the users have the setting of “watching” by default. However, in order to reduce notification emails for our users, I would like to change it for all users to “tracking”. Could you tell me, if this is possible and if so, how?


Changing this one won’t help. If you participate in a topic it becomes watched.

Perhaps you want to change the maximum number of emails per day.

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Mhm, of course I did this already (reducing the maximum number of emails per day). Are there other options you suggest me to keep emails and notifications to a minimum, so that users really read the important ones?

Changing values in user prefs that already saved into the DB require running a special command. There is no built in mechanism in the UI for saying: “For every user in the system ensure they watch #bug”, you can only set the default now.

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If having people watch a particular category is what you want, there are some custom plugins that will force people in a given group to watch a category.

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