Can I enforce Slow Mode on a per-user basis or limit their comments?

I’ve searched but haven’t found an answer to the following - perhaps I’m not using the correct terminology, but what I’m trying to do is limit how many comments a handful of problem users can make per day (or whatever other timeframe we specify). Their behavior hasn’t quite risen to the suspension/banning threshold, though it’s getting close and we’d like to force them to play nice.

So is there a way to enforce “Slow Mode” on just them in particular, so they can’t make several comments in rapid succession on various different threads? If not, can we do as I mentioned above, e.g. limit them to 10 comments per day? I’m thinking this might be something we could accomplish with Trust Levels, though I’m not sure how, so further help/guidance appreciated :slight_smile:

What I used in the past was locking those problematic users to trust level 0. That will rate limit their damage.


I see the “Rate Limits” section on the Admin screen - if I change this value, can I knock someone’s trust level down to 0 and have it take effect on their account?

Not really, as that applies to new accounts.

If you lock someone to trust level 0 they will already be rate limited, no need to change any settings.

Sorry if this is a dumb question, but where do I see the actual, detailed settings for what the different Trust Levels can do? When I click the “Trust Levels” tab it has options like “minimum trust level to do such-and-such”, but I can’t find the screen where it lists what restrictions or rate limits are in effect by default on Level 0.

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