Can I find out who are 'new contributors'?

In a forum in the early stages of growth, it feels handy to know who has recently made their first post. If I happen to see it, it has a little banner box. But if I don’t see that, is there any way to find the post? (The Admin interface tells me that there has been a new contributor.)

I’ve looked in all recently updated threads and don’t see the box.

Can I search for all users with only 1 post? Or all users with only a few posts?

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Admin, Users, New is the main place.

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Indeed, that gives me recent joiners, but not recent new contributors. (It’s fairly likely that a new contributor will have been a lurker for a while, so won’t be a new joiner.)

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I think you need a plugin to do that.

It depends how you define “contributors”, I would argue that spending a lot of time reading and liking is also an important contribution. That’s why those stats appear on the Admin, Users, New list.

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And very handy they are too. But the Admin dashboard and stats pages show a ‘new contributors’ graph, also handy, which is what caught my attention, and gave me the terminology.


You could do a data explorer search. There should be a similar example in the data explorer cool query topic.


Thanks @pfaffman - I thought that might be the answer although I’ve never delved into that world.

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Hey @Ed_S, did you figure out a solution?

Yes, it looks like Data Explorer is the answer. Specifically, this query from the linked github repo:

  • Users with first post within period - SQL
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