Can I install on existing Docker?

I’m running a server with Ubuntu 14.04 and managed with Plesk Onyx (preview of version 17). One of the awesome things about the upcoming Plesk release is their support for Docker images. So setting up a domain or subdomain on my server and running a docker container is about three clicks hard. I tried installing Discourse from the Docker hub but this failed and then after some careful reading realized that I can’t install it without the Discourse installer. Is there any way to use Discourse in a container with an existing Docker install?

Why couldn’t you? Just leave out that part about installing Docker from the install instructions and start with git clone.

Well I tried that but end up with this error:

Error: {"message":"No such image: discourse/discourse"}

I think it’s on the end of the Plesk extension. At the end of the day with Docker i’m just a button pusher so I will have to try to plow through configuring Discourse using the git repo + the Docker extension in Plesk so I can manage it from the control panel. I had Discourse setup in under 30 minutes before I updated my server so if this becomes bigger than I can handle I guess I’ll go old school with it. Thanks for your response.

Don’t use Plesk as your frontend for Discourse! Use Discourse launcher which will handle all Docker related stuff. You will probably see it in Plesk then since it probably uses standard Docker commands for it’s extension. However, always deal with Discourse only through its launcher, otherwise you will mess things up.

I doubt Discourse will play well with Plesk any time soon. If you follow the command-line instructions, though, skipping the “install Docker” step, it should Just Work, though, and from there almost all management can be done through the Discourse admin panel.