Install Discourse on Plesk / Ubuntu 14 without Docker


I have VPS includes Plesk web admin edition, where I manage about 6 domains. The hosting company told me that “it is not possible to add Docker to your VPS plan”, so is there a way to:

1: install Discourse without Docker
2: As I’m using Plesk for other domains, Is the installation of Discourse will make problems for other domains?
3: I want to install Discourse on a subdomain of one of my domain, example
is that issue make the installation harder instead of installing discourse on directly?

Please if you have any video, the things will be much better for me to avoid the maximum of problems during the installation.

Thank you very much for your help, as always!

Install discourse on its own server in a sub domain. That’s easiest and in many ways best.


Ubuntu 14 is too old, and goes EOL in a bit. Discourse needs modern software, which is bundled together in the Docker image. I wouldn‘t bother looking into installing them by yourselves - if you cannot have Docker installed, it will be hard to get all the other applications from the container installed too.


Thank you both for your feedback. Ok, one more question, if I take Digital Ocean, can I install 2 copies of Discourse for 2 subdomains ?

Yes, this guide is the best way to achieve that:


Thanks @Cameron_D I’m going to check it

Multisite may be the “best” way to have two sites, but if you’re used to having Plesk do all of the work, you’ll probably be better off having two droplets with simple installs.

I’d guess that you can pretty easily get two stand-alone sites set up in under an hour, but you might spend several hours fussing with multisite and still be frustrated.

I see, thank you @pfaffman So, I will try the first step by installing Discourse on a Digital Ocean and see how much it is easy for me to get this step, later I will take care of the other forum.

By the way, Plesk will manage only (the main domain includes Wordpress) and Digital Ocean will have only, but I will communicate the both through Wordpress plugin like to give the visitors the possibilities to have just one username to use on the website.

The wp-discourse plugin doesn’t care where the discourse server is running. You should follow the install cloud instructions rather than use the one click install.