Can I make Forum?

I have team of 5 members. I want create a Forum on Subdomain & we bought domain from GoDaddy. So, One of my team member will host domain so can I create forum? Or only he can create forum?


Just set the subdomain A record on Godaddy’s DNS configuration to the IP of your VPS.

The person managing the VPS can be different to the person managing the Godaddy config so long as you collaborate.


What I have to write in these fields?

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. I will make forum on subdomain, but for subdomain I have to first host main domain then only I can make subdomain. So, I want to use digital ocean for hosting. So, how to buy hosting with digital ocean for main domain? In my main domain the page will be of html & css.


Just buy a $5 or $10 “droplet” from Digital Ocean. That’s their name for an unmanaged VPS.


Don’t install Discourse via the Digital Ocean website, as the support available on this forum relies on you using these instructions:


@Jonathan5 I am getting this error

Anyone please help me

Can I use any other command? or Please give me any Solution.

Sounds like you’re having issues with getting a server up and connecting to it which is kinda beyond the scope of this forum for support tbh - you should make sure to understand how to set up a digital ocean droplet from running through their documentation here - Recommended Initial Droplet Configuration :: DigitalOcean Documentation
(or similar docs through your cloud hosting server of choice.)

You need to also understand how to set up and use SSH keys for remote access to those servers. If you’re on windows, the simplest way is probably through putty as a terminal client.


@featheredtoast I tried yesterday but it worked. But today it was showing an error.

@featheredtoast Please help me

Not sure what I can help you with at this point. I can give you any number of links for help but at some point you’re gonna to have to figure out how to access your server on your own. Good luck!