Can I make Topics in Sub Categories not show in Parent Categories?

I understand that we typically use categories in the sense of a filter, but I’m curious if there is a way to make topics in a sub-category not visible in their parent category? I’m attempting to setup a hierarchy of topics similar to the way we view folders on our computer - you can only see the topics once you browse down into the desired sub category.

This is going to be used for monthly community competitions, where each sub category is a new competition.

At least you can remove it from being shown on main category listing. Edit category settings.

Yup, I found that, but I do want the topics to show in that macro view-
just not when driving into the categories specifically.

Wait, how are they shown in the parent category? They don’t for me. Or did I misunderstand?

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Bumping this as I am keen to understand if it is possible only to view a topic within its category/sub-category, as described by Keith above.

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No, still not possible in Discourse.