Can I see the original email from a non-member?

The discourse I manage are by invite only. When a non-member posts, we get them as a Pending member.

In almost all cases, they got an email from the forum via Email Address A which is member address, but replied from Email Address B. If we can get some kind of Merge in place, this might be able to stop, but I wonder:

[Where] Can I see the email that was rejected? It’d be so handy to just assume their normal user & post it, then reach out off line & update their email address.

But as it stands, I don’t know if it’s possible to see that rejected email?

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Admin -> Emails -> Rejected gives you the list, and if you click on the error in the right hand column, you get the original e-mail in a pop-up.


This is a gold-mine, thank you.

As I manage the rejections… reposting messages which came from the wrong address, etc, I wonder… can we make them as “handled” or maybe delete them?

I’d start a new thread/request with that, depending on what the team thinks should happen with old rejected emails, once the admin has dealt with them.

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