Notify admin on rejected email

Is there a way to notify an admin, staff, or a designated person on rejected emails? Currently, I need to continuously monitor the email views within the admin panel.

Why do you feel this needs to be monitored at all?

There are some use cases where this is important, especially inside organizations. I had to check this page daily for a few weeks because people at universities tend to do crazier things with emails than Discourse supports :wink:
(This is from the time when I opened a lot of bugs about staged users and email processing…)


We operate our forum as a gated community with various levels of access controls. At times our customers will email from within our app (which has pre-constructed Discourse category email addresses based off of bundle ID of the app used ex: BetaTestApp1@mydiscoursedomain) which doesn’t have a supported category, and is rejected.

Also, our members sometimes are added incorrectly and email a valid category and are rejected for lack of access.

Having the ability to be alerted to these rejections prior to our customers reaching out to us, or getting frustrated by rejection emails and giving up on Discourse usage would be very helpful to our workflow and the on boarding process/UX.

Even having the ability to add a cc or bcc address to the (rejection) email templates would work for us.

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A client of mine asked for this exact feature today. And for a similar reason as @loren. We’re a closed group, and PM notifications are going to the email address on file, but the person responses from a different email address. This causes the rejection, of course.

However, it’s not a huge community, so every couple days this might happen isn’t a big deal. At least so our administrators can look at the email.