Can I set a custom title on users that join a group?

Hi everyone,

Is it possible to set a custom user title at the point of adding a user to a group?


I add an existing user to a group called “Super Duper Members”. Can Discourse automatically update the title of that user to “Super Duper Members”, either immediately or on a daily check.

And similarly, if I remove a user from the “Super Duper Members” group, could it also then remove / clear their custom title? :thinking:

We have a default title option in the group settings:

The key here is that the group must also have the automatically set as primary group option enabled. And if the user has already manually selected a title in their user preferences, it won’t be overridden by a new group membership (I believe we always prioritize explicit user preference choices with automatic behaviors like this?).

When they’re removed from the group, they’ll lose the title.


Thanks @awesomerobot this is exactly what I was looking for :+1:t2:

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