Default group title is not being applied consistently

(Biscuit) #1

When I assign a member to a custom group, they don’t always display the specified “Default title for all users in this group”

On some occasions it works. On other occasions, the member has retained “Regular” as their title, despite:
a) the option to automatically set this group as primary group being selected &
b) the “default title for all users in this group” being specified.

The group flair seems to be assigned more reliably, but the title is inconsistent, forcing me to manually change the individuals title. Is this a known issue?

(Jeff Atwood) #2

Any ideas on this one @neil?

(Neil Lalonde) #3

People can choose a title in their preferences if any of their badges grant titles.



If they have a badge title chosen when they’re added to a custom group, then the group’s title isn’t used. There’s no way for them to choose the group’s title, so staff would need to manually give them the title if they wanted it.

I think the choose-your-own-title list should include group titles too.

(Biscuit) #4

My suggestions:

  1. Choose-your-own-title list should include group titles (as Neil suggested), but also:

  2. If a new group is created with “automatically set group as primary group” selected, the user’s existing title should be replaced with the title from the new group. This allows staff to immediately assign a new title to group members without requiring users to change their settings.

  3. If the group already exists (with “automatically set group as primary group” enabled) and a new member is added. The new member should get the group title assigned, even if they have another title at that time.

If the user then decides to use one of their other titles, they can optionally change it, via #1 above.

(Neil Lalonde) #5

Why are #2 and #3 more desirable behaviours than the alternative, which is to not override their current title? Some people might want to add users to a new group but not override whatever titles the users had chosen.

(Biscuit) #6

Scenario: We have a group where the members are changed by staff over time. When members belong to that group, they need to show the title change / flair on them. We add the user to the group and tick “automatically set group as primary group” but they still don’t all get the title/flair currently.

Those people could untick “automatically set group as primary group”. Alternatively, a new tick-box could be added to overwrite existing title/flair (or not), to cover both options.

(Neil Lalonde) #7

I don’t think the checkbox is the best UI for that. A button on the group management page to update everyone’s title makes more sense.

(Biscuit) #8

It gets a little tricky at this point.

Currently: If the user changes their title, they keep it even if their groups change.

I’m proposing: Let staff force-deploy a title / flair to the user, but still let the user change it afterwards. This gives control to both staff and the user.

A button to update everyone’s title: The problem with a button affecting everyone in the group is that not everyone is necessarily assigned to the group at the same time. Some users may have been assigned to the group earlier and chose to turn the flair/title off. Now, when another member is added, we’d want to push the group title/flair to them, without resetting everyone else in the group again.

This is what I was trying to address in steps #2 and #3 above.

Hope that makes sense?

(Neil Lalonde) #9

I updated the user preferences UI so title can be chosen from your badges and groups.

That’s not true. If a user leaves a group, the title is removed. If the title granted by the group changes, users’ titles will be updated too.

I’m still not convinced that we need to change our behaviour regarding overwriting people’s titles though.

(Biscuit) #10

Where’s that been changed Neil? Has it been changed for Discourse hosted sites?

(Biscuit) #11

@neil, You probably need to correct the comment below under GROUPS:


This above comment is currently incorrect as the default group title will definitely NOT be applied to all users of the group.

If anyone wants to set-up a new group, there’s no way for staff to ensure the assigned group members all get that groups default title assigned, even if the staff select “default title for all users in this group”. The workaround is to manually check / edit each members title. Personally, I don’t think that’s good - but I haven’t been able to convince you to change it.

But lets at least change the above comment, as it’s wrong and may confuse people.