Default group title is not being applied consistently

When I assign a member to a custom group, they don’t always display the specified “Default title for all users in this group”

On some occasions it works. On other occasions, the member has retained “Regular” as their title, despite:
a) the option to automatically set this group as primary group being selected &
b) the “default title for all users in this group” being specified.

The group flair seems to be assigned more reliably, but the title is inconsistent, forcing me to manually change the individuals title. Is this a known issue?


I’ve cleaned up some of the posts here and will summarize where things stand below:

The are 4 places user titles can be adjusted. The first three can only be adjusted by staff, the fourth can be adjusted by the individual user or staff:

  1. Groups > (any custom user group) > Manage > Membership

  2. Admin Panel > Badges > (any badge, near the bottom of the settings)

    Screen Shot 2021-05-04 at 4.17.55 PM

  3. Admin Panel > Users > (select a user from the list)

    Staff members can manually enter a title.

  4. User Profile > Preferences > Account
    Screen Shot 2021-05-04 at 4.27.05 PM

    The user/staff can select which group or badge title should be displayed alongside the user’s username.

Notable group title behaviors

(assumes the Default Title group membership setting is active)

  • If a user is added to a group and does not have an existing title, they will take on the the group’s Default Title
  • If a Default Title is added to an existing group, all members who do not have a user title will have the Default Title applied
  • If the Default Title of a group changes, anyone who already had the previous title will have their title updated
  • If a group’s Default Title is fully removed, any user who had the title will either have it removed or replaced with different title that is available to them

In the past @Biscuit has asked for the following

  • If a new group is created with “automatically set group as primary group” selected, the user’s existing title should be replaced with the title from the new group. This allows staff to immediately assign a new title to group members without requiring users to change their settings.

  • If the group already exists (with “automatically set group as primary group” enabled) and a new member is added. The new member should get the group title assigned, even if they have another title at that time.

This would essentially make the “Default Title” setting behave like the “Automatically set as primary group” setting. An individual user title can still be manually overridden by a staff member or the individual user if needed.

The other suggestion is that we update the description of the “Default Title” group setting if we do not change the current behavior. At the moment it says “will be applied to all users in the group” which is not accurate.


I know I’ve given up on automatic titles. I just assume I’m going to have to set them manually every time.

Is there a way to make a group title available without having it auto-assigned? It seems that if I don’t set “Default Title”, no group title is available for users. I want to make group titles an option without automatically assigning them.

At the moment group titles are always auto-applied and should follow the behavior mentioned in the “Notable group title behaviors” in my post above.

A workaround could potentially be done with a custom badge. You can optionally allow a badge’s name to become a selectable (not default) user title.

For complicated reasons involving badges as a whole thing, that’s not an easy option for us.

I really would like:

  • if people are members of a group, they can choose the title of that group
  • some groups have the title auto-applied when first joined, but allow user changes — this would be for leadership roles and other places where that label is important
  • most groups allow a title (like the badge titles) but these are never applied automatically

I can also see a case for “group label always applied, can’t be changed”, but I don’t think we currently have a real use for that on the Fedora site.