'Make primary group' within a user group isn't changing user titles

I have two scenarios.

Scenario 1

User is added to first group, which is to set as primary group.
User is then added to second group, which is also to set as primary group.

User’s title never changes from the title in group 1 to the title in group 2

Scenario 2

User is added to a group, which is to set as primary group
User’s title doesn’t change

Scenario 3

Some users have primary group A selected on their profile, but they still have the title from group B. If I change their primary group to group B, save it, then change it back to A, then their title changes.

What am I missing here?

You have an extra scenario, first of all! :smiley:

Setting a primary group in Discourse can automatically set a user’s title. This is achieved through the “Default title” option in the group settings. However, there are a couple of things to note:

  1. The group must also have the “Automatically set as primary group” option enabled.
  2. If the user has already manually selected a title in their user preferences, it won’t be overridden by the group’s default title.

@awesomerobot shared this screenshot, showing where options are on the membership pages:


No idea why that is happening… make sure to check the settings of the groups involved, perhaps they don’t all have the same “Automatically set as primary group” setting configured.