Can I share the /plugins folder to make rebuild faster?

(Dmitry Demenchuk) #1

Is it possible to share /plugins folder or something, so I can easily update plugins without rebuilding an image every time?

Install Plugins in Discourse
(Rafael dos Santos Silva) #2

The plugins assets needs to be rebuilt in production, so this won’t work.

If you wanna test many configs fast, you should setup a development environment.

(Dmitry Demenchuk) #3

What if I restart server every time, the same as we do on development environment, will it rebuild assets?

(Rafael dos Santos Silva) #4

No, it won’t. Production is meant for, err, production.

Development is different in many ways, and better suited for testing.

(Dmitry Demenchuk) #5

Can I restore backups between development (docker container) and production (plain rails)?

(Rafael dos Santos Silva) #6

Yes, but backups don’t contain plugin code (js, css, ruby, etc) only file assets (images) and the database.

(Dmitry Demenchuk) #7

I understand that. Last time I tried, I had a sort of conflict with paths. Because files on production and development are located in different folders. That’s why I thought I better use the same environment on both. Let me try again.