Can I share the /plugins folder to make rebuild faster?

Is it possible to share /plugins folder or something, so I can easily update plugins without rebuilding an image every time?

The plugins assets needs to be rebuilt in production, so this won’t work.

If you wanna test many configs fast, you should setup a development environment.

What if I restart server every time, the same as we do on development environment, will it rebuild assets?

No, it won’t. Production is meant for, err, production.

Development is different in many ways, and better suited for testing.

Can I restore backups between development (docker container) and production (plain rails)?

Yes, but backups don’t contain plugin code (js, css, ruby, etc) only file assets (images) and the database.

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I understand that. Last time I tried, I had a sort of conflict with paths. Because files on production and development are located in different folders. That’s why I thought I better use the same environment on both. Let me try again.